Personalized images for email

Make your email universal for every recipient and get maximum conversion.


Create personalized image.

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You can create a unique image in your email for each recipient using our editor. You just need to load a banner on which unique text will be placed, indicate its color, size, place the selected text anywhere in the banner and click "Save". After that, copy the generated HTML-code, replace the parameters in the url of the personalized image with your variables and place it in your email that you will send.

Personalized images create

Why do I need a personalize images?

Personalized images create a unique image for each of your subscribers using any data from your users that your email service provider has. People love when they receive what was specially made for them, with personalized images your letter will not be left without attention. You can use them if you want to congratulate the user on his birthday, offer a personal discount or show a personal selection of products or just make your mailing more creative.

How does our personalized images?

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Personalized images are jpg, png or gif images. When creating such an image, you need to upload the main image on which unique text will be placed for each of your users in the format of jpg, png or gif. You can place up to four unique text lines in the main image. After saving the images to the URL, you will need to substitute variables into which when sending emails, will add text with user data, then when loading an image, our program looks at these variables, extracts their text and draws on your main image.

Url[text1] Birthday, Mia! Birthday, Mark! Birthday, Elizabeth! Birthday, Victoria Douglas!

Personalized Image