December 10, 2019 5 minutes

How to add animated countdown timers for email in SalesForce?

Salesforce is a CRM system that is designed to manage a variety of types of business processes, customer relationships, analytics, marketing, sales and more.

Salesforce CRM runs on the SaaS model (a form of cloud computing). The CRM-system users are provided with ready-made software, access to which is open through a browser or mobile application. CRM-system is focused on small, medium and large businesses. It offers everything you need to search, retain a customer base, complete a transaction, and more.

To add a countdown timer to Salesforce email template, do the following:

  1. Go to the "Email template" section and click on "New Email Template".
    Salesforce New Email Template
  2. Create a email letter or click in the "Source" editor and paste the finished template.
    Salesforce email template
  3. Choose a place for the counter.
    Salesforce template editor
  4. Write for yourself an anchor for example "COUNTER".
    Salesforce email editor
  5. Press the "Source" button and find your anchor "COUNTER" in the code.
    Salesforce email letter
  6. In the PromoFeatures account, copy the embed code of the counter.
    PromoFeatures countdown timer
  7. Replace the anchor with a counter code.
    Paste Countdown timer for email
  8. Press the "Source" button and you will see your countdown timer for email.
    Countdown timer for email


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