January 27, 2020 13 minutes

How to add countdown timers in Outlook Online?

Outlook Web App works in a browser, so you can always check your mail as soon as you connect to the Internet. Keyboard shortcuts and navigation elements are different from those used in the classic Outlook desktop program.

Option 1.

Add a countdown timer through copying it from the browser to the editor:

  1. In the PromoFeatures create countdown timer for email.
    Email countdown timer
  2. Click on the button "Download as HTML".
    Promofeatures download countdown timer
  3. Open this file in a browser.
    Open countdown timer
  4. Select this image (press "ctrl + A" or if Mac OS "cmd + A") in the browser and press "ctrl + C" (if Mac OS "cmd + C"), do not copy the image via the right-click context menu.
    Select Countdown Timer
  5. Go to the Outlook Online editor and press "ctrl + V" (if mac os "cmd + V").
    Outlook Online editor
  6. A countdown timer should be added to your editor.

Option 2

Add a countdown timer through editing the HTML code of the editor (for advanced users)

  1. Write in the Outlook editor the anchor "COUNTER".
    Outlook Editor
  2. Right-click on this anchor and click on the "Inspect" button.
    Outlook Editor
  3. In the developer editor, you need to right-click on the Html code of your anchor.
    Outlook Editor
  4. In the menu, click on the button "Edit as HTML".
    Outlook Editor
  5. In the PromoFeatures account, copy the embed code of the counter.
    Outlook Editor
  6. Delete anchor code and insert countdown timer code.
    Outlook Editor
  7. A countdown timer should be added to your editor.
    Outlook Editor


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