The timer for Web site is needed if you want to show visitors the remaining time before any particular event, event or holiday.

The countdown timer has long become an integral part of selling sites. The countdown timer encourages the audience to commit target actions on the site, limiting the time of the action, creating the effect of urgency and / or the effect of shortage of goods. But the search for a suitable plug-in, its connection, configuration and styling can take a lot of time. This service allows you to simplify the process of connecting and setting up a timer for a website or a letter in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose the type of counter and click "–°reate a timer":
  2. Bar countdown timers
  3. Choose the end date of the counter:
  4. Settings for countdown timers
  5. Customize the look and click "Save this timer":
  6. Desing for countdown timers
  7. Place the service generated code on your website or letter:
  8. Result countdown timers