Custom Design: Separator

The block "Separator" is needed to further change the design of the intervals between the segments of the counter, consists of such controllers:

  1. "Font size" - the size of the separator, the value "auto" means that the size will be automatically calculated depending on the type of the counter and the size of the digits of the counter.
  2. "Font Family" - a list of available delimiter fonts, the value "auto" means that the font will be used the same as for numbers.
  3. "Color" - the main color of the separator in the counter.
  4. "Blinking Color" - the color of the separator of the counter will create a blinking effect.
  5. "Padding" - indents of the separator, with the help of them, you can set additional gaps between adjacent objects of the counter.
  6. "Type" - textual representation of the delimiter.
Separator countdown timers

Video example