Custom Design: Segment Rectangle

The block "Segment Rectangle" is used to customize the design of the rectangles describing the counter segments. It consists of such controllers:

  1. "Border Width" - frame Size.
  2. "Border Color" - frame Color, the default color is black.
  3. "Fill Color" - fill the rectangle.
  4. "Rounding Segment" - rounds the right angles of a rectangle.
  5. "Rounding Segment Border" - rounds the right angles of a frames.
  6. "Fixed Cube" - make the cube width of all time segments the same (equal to the maximum width of one of the cubes of the segment), it is recommended to enable this option.
  7. "Padding" - rectangle indents, with the help of them you can set additional gaps between adjacent objects of the counter.
Rectangle in countdown timers

Video example